Feathered Visitors Bring Spectacular Shows To Southern Skies


White Pelicans with Ring billed Gulls and Cormorants on Lake Fork

Each year as the weather starts to cool here in the Upper East Side of Texas, it’s still a whole lot warmer than the northern parts of the United States and into Canada. That’s where many of the “snowbirds” come from that migrate through this part of the world on their way to the warm coastline of the state. Some even choose to stay here all winter and save themselves the extra miles. And some stay a little longer like the eagles — they often build their nests in the region and become more active and therefore visible in the winter.

Photographer Lisa Hilbers of Wood County beautifully captures these birds each year as they make themselves at home in the region.

Male Lesser Scaup on Lake Holbrook near Mineola

Adult Ring billed Gull, Lake Fork

Male Wood Duck, Lake Holbrook

Male American Kestrel, Lake Tawakoni

American Coot, Lake Holbrook

A juvenile Ring billed Gull on Lake Fork.

Female American Bald Eagle, Lake Holbrook.

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